10 Food Apps for Your Foodie Needs

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Food apps are no longer designed with just the diet-conscious health nuts in mind.  Now they’re for everyone for every purpose, be it recipe organizers, diet planners, calorie counters, restaurant locators, restaurant recommendations—the list can go on and on.  There are thousands of these apps on the market—some free and some for a price—just waiting to be downloaded onto your smartphone…which means you’re in charge of deciding which ones are worth the time (and money) to download.  But, that’s where the challenge lies—how will you know which app is right for your food needs?

Luckily, this infographic by Evoke is available to make that tumultuous task simple by providing you with a guide on the best food apps currently on the market.  Evoke presents you with different foodie needs, from DIY meal ideas to finding the most appetizing eateries in your area, and the app, along with its price and description, that best fits.  So, rest assured, if you’re not sure where to find the answers to your food-related questions, technology has got you covered!

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