10 Grab-and-Go Breakfast Ideas

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Getting up in the morning can be hard enough before putting a healthy breakfast that’s easy to make in the equation. Even when you scour the Internet for ideas for an easy breakfast on the go, you can still come up with suggestions that take a lot of prep work. Here are suggestions that require minimum effort and won’t take up your entire Sunday to make in advance.

1. Avocado Toast

Avocados have been the star of culinary creations for a while now – who doesn’t love guacamole? – and their popularity doesn’t seem to be dying down soon. Plus, avocado toast looks sweet on Instagram. Use a convenient sandwich container to tote your toast slathered in yummy avocado and seasoning for an easy, take-anywhere breakfast.

2. Overnight Oatmeal

This breakfast takes a little more preparation but will make your mornings a no-brainer when you cart your oatmeal around in a mason jar. You might feel a little bit like a hipster, but it’s well worth it for the convenience. Pictured is a vegan mocha banana chia oatmeal breakfast parfait.

3. Peanut Butter Oatmeal or Yogurt

Peanut butter can make almost anything taste better. If you’re tired of boring and sometimes sugar-loaded instant oatmeal and yogurt, pick up a low-sugar version and amp up the flavor with a tablespoon of peanut butter, cinnamon and honey.

4. Hard-Boiled Egg

Eggs are a classic breakfast choice, with hard-boiled ones being the easiest to transport. People tend to shy away from premaking hard-boiled eggs because they’re not sure how long to boil them to get the right texture. With this perfect hard-boiled egg tutorial, you’ll be able to make eggs like a pro and easily take them with you in a plastic bag or container.

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5. Omelet in a Mug

Mug recipes are another popular breakfast choice but don’t usually provide much in the nutrition department. Instead, try an omelet in a mug that will give you much-needed protein and veggies to jumpstart your morning.  

6. Yogurt Popsicles

This could seriously be the best summertime breakfast ever. Take a Popsicle mold and fill it with your favorite yogurt, fruit and granola; then let it freeze overnight. The next morning, pop one out and you’ll feel like you’re having dessert for breakfast. Just be careful to not let it melt too much or you’ll have drippy yogurt everywhere.

7. Smoothie

Cleanup can be a little more involved with smoothie blenders, but it’s worth the effort for this delicious and fruit-filled choice. Cut down on prep in the morning by quickly tossing your smoothie ingredients into a bag either during the weekend or the night before. Use a to-go cup with a straw and lid to prevent any spills.

8. Banana Sandwich

What could be easier than cutting a banana in half lengthwise and slathering it in nut butter? Just use extra precaution when you take it with you so nut butter doesn’t end all over you or your car.

9. Breakfast Bars

Sometimes it’s just easier to buy breakfast than make it. Kind Bars have gotten some bad press in the past for having high sugar content, but they’ve recently come out with new versions that contain only 4 grams of sugar. Buy a box and stash it in your desk for mid-morning hunger spikes. Another favorite bar of mine are ALT bars, which derive their protein from peas. Luna Bars taste great, but watch that sugar content.

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10. Breakfast Casserole Bites

Admittedly this option will take up a little more of your time in preparation. However, sometimes all you want for breakfast is a savory indulgence and this choice with definitely satisfy that craving.

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