10 Easy Recipes to Convert a Veggie Hater

Do the little ones whine about having to eat their vegetables? Maybe plans to switch to a plant-based diet continually get derailed by boredom after one too many kale smoothies? There’s no need to throw your hands up and surrender! These 10 recipes will please…

10 Flavorful Foreign Foods to Try When You Study Abroad

Studying abroad stimulates the mind, body and soul — and one of the best ways to encourage stimulation is trying new foods. If you’re a fellow foodie who adores the culinary arts, eating foreign dishes straight from the source will be right up your alley….

10 Healthy Sheet Pan Recipes

10 Healthy Sheet Pan Recipes

We all want to create healthy meals for our friends and families, but when a recipe calls for half a dozen different pots and pans to complete, the reward of a tasty meal isn’t worth the time you’ll spend washing dishes afterward. Sheet pan recipes…

10 Healthy Meatball Recipes

10 Healthy Meatball Recipes

Everyone loves meatballs. You can make them out of just about anything, pair them with your favorite sauces and enjoy them over pasta, on a sandwich or by themselves. Unfortunately, traditional meatballs aren’t the healthiest option out there, so with that in mind, we’ve gathered…

10 Delicious Pan Sauce Recipes

10 Delicious Pan Sauce Recipes

Pan sauces are a simple way to take advantage of all the tasty bits that have stuck to the bottom of your pan. It’s effortless and can add layers of flavor to your dish. All you need to do is prepare your protein, remove it…

These Tips Will Help You Prep the Best Family Picnic

These Tips Will Help You Prep the Best Family Picnic

Spring has arrived, and summertime is right behind it. This means it’s time to start grilling out, swimming and having family picnics. The longer days, chirping birds and sunny weather will make you want to spend more time outdoors, especially if you have a family….

These Foods are the Worst for Your Teeth

These Foods Are The Worst for Your Teeth

Some days — you have one of those days. It’s straight to the wine and chocolate. Heck, you’re going to devour the whole bag of chips because it’s been a week and a half in just five days. Comfort foods see you through the worst,…

oatmeal with blueberry's

10 Foods to Enjoy for Fat Loss

Logic might lead you to believe that food in any quantity will work against your fat loss goals. Instead, to lose weight, you should be cutting down the amount you eat — not depriving yourself of nutrition. The truth is, you can eat hearty meals…

Homemade green tea

13 Ways Green Tea is Actually the Elixir of Life

The Elixir of Life isn’t coffee or Red Bull. It’s green tea, and you’re probably thinking you’ve heard this one already. Green tea as you know it in the single serving tea packet with a cute saying is great, and it has beneficial qualities. Matcha…

Woman who is happy and celebrating.

Be Happier Today With This Quick Trick

Cheer up. Look on the bright side. Count your blessings. In many different ways we are often told to change our outlook on things to improve our mood. This is good advice. We all need to check our attitudes now and then, or see things…