About Foodie Fitness

When I was a kid, I might have been the world’s pickiest eater. I refused to eat tomatoes, I turned my nose up at meat, and I wouldn’t eat any foods that were touching on a plate. My pickiness didn’t help my busy parents, who resorted to boxed dinners and cereal nights.

I met the love of my life in middle school, and we started dating towards the end of high school. His dad had formerly owned a French restaurant, and he’d grown up thinking of filet mignon as “steak” and minimum three-course meals as the norm. He brought me out of my culinary cage; I discovered just how amazing good food was. Our relationship grew over our love of sushi, pad Thai, Sicilian pizza, and coq au vin. Together, we have been working on our cooking skills and draining our wallets for the past seven years.

The problem was, something else was growing – our weight! We had to change our habits, before our love of consuming good food consumed us.

Thus, Foodie Fitness was born. We work out so we can enjoy good food – and you can too! Subscribe to get the heads up about balancing an adventurous appetite with a desire to stay healthy.

Adrienne is a freelance writer based in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. Her favorite cuisines are Japanese, Thai, and French. The best meal she ever ate is a tie between pad see ew from a cute Thai restaurant outside of Philadelphia or seven-hour lamb shoulder from a brasserie in Paris. She’s saving up money to order omakase at Morimoto in Philadelphia. Follow Adrienne on Twitter to see great food and fitness articles and to read her musings about food.


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