Why Did Kfc Stop Selling Potato Wedges?

While there are several theories regarding why KFC discontinued its beloved potato wedges, the official word on the street is that it simply wanted a change.

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Are KFC secret recipe fries replacing wedges?

‘We can confirm that KFC’s Secret Recipe Fries (tested last year) are rolling out nationally to replace wedges,’ a rep for KFC told the site: ‘While we know there are wedge-lovers out there who may be disappointed, consumer response to our Secret Recipe Fries during the test and the rollout has been overwhelmingly positive.’

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Should wedges return to the KFC menu?

The outcry from fans is familiar to anyone who’s had a beloved menu item axed forever. Not unlike the cancellation of a beloved TV-show, or the time McDonalds replaced Hi-C with Sprite, the response from wedge fans has been overwhelmingly negative on social media, with many calling for the return of wedges to the KFC menu.

Does KFC have potatoes or fries?

Potato wedges have already lost their spot on the KFC site, though it doesn’t seem like the fries have made it on there quite yet.

How long did it take to make KFC Fries?

According to KFC, the recipe took 60 years to develop, and they’re coated with a special blend of herbs and spices to give them an authentic KFC taste, so at least they will remain distinct from the likes of McDonald’s and Burger King fries.

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