5 Thanksgiving Gadgets to Gobble Over

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In the times of the Pilgrims when Thanksgiving was born, life was hard. Fortunately for us, we have technology today that can make our holidays much easier. If you’re looking to minimize your stress this Thanksgiving, here are a few gadgets and apps that you simply must have.

1. iGrill Cooking Thermometer

Although the product name would suggest compatibility with iPhones only, this amazing gadget does work with most Android devices as well. The iGrill cooking thermometer will totally change the way you think about Thanksgiving grilling. The best part is that this isn’t a one-holiday-only device. You can use it throughout the year, so it’s an easy purchase to justify.

Just plug the iGrill’s probes into your turkey and keep your device within 200 feet of your grill. The thermometer will send readings to your device via Bluetooth to let you monitor the temperature without having to stand over the grill. When your desired temperature is reached, just take out your perfectly cooked turkey and enjoy!

The retail price of the iGrill thermometer ranges from $40 to $100. It has a lot of features beyond temperature monitoring such as recipes, Facebook integration, customizable alarms and more. You’ll breeze through all of your holiday cooking without missing a thing with this neat little gizmo!

2. Cuisinart Stainless Steel Electric Knife

Are you still struggling with an old-fashioned knife while you try to carve that turkey? Why? For just $50, you can slice through meat like butter with Cuisinart’s high-tech electric knife.

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This knife comes with two stainless steel blades, so you can use it for more than just the turkey. Its handle features an ergonomic design and it is made to be a space saver in your kitchen. Built-in safety features help to ensure that accidents don’t happen when you’re getting it out or putting it away.

3. FoodDam Pan Separator

This fun little gizmo is perfect if you need to prepare a small amount of food and don’t want to dirty up more than one pan doing it. The FoodDam is a silicone pan separator that will divide your cookware into sections.

For only $7, you can cook entire meals for one in only one pan. You can also custom prepare different types of the same dish for individual tastes. For example, if one person hates onions, but everyone else loves them, you can use the FoodDam to section off one or two servings of your dish that won’t include onions.

4. CHOW Thanksgiving Dinner Coach App for iOS

Unfortunately, there isn’t an Android version of this app just yet, but iOS users can consider themselves lucky. The CHOW Thanksgiving Dinner Coach is an amazing, straight-forward, easy to use app that will guide you through every aspect of creating a Thanksgiving dinner.

This app is free at the iTunes app store, so there’s no reason not to try it out if you have a compatible device. It gets rave reviews from novice cooks and professional chefs alike. It comes pre-programmed with nine amazing Thanksgiving menus, complete with recipes and instructions for putting them together with ease.

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Of course, you can always build your own custom menu. With a shopping list and step-by-step instructions, it’s like having your own personal cooking coach in the kitchen with you. Get this one quick!

5. OXO Good Grips Fat Separator

Who wants fat-laden, greasy gravy at Thanksgiving? Not many people. However, scooping fat off the top of your gravy takes more time than anyone has when preparing a Thanksgiving meal. This OXO Good Grips Fat Separator takes all the work out of creating lean, smooth gravy for only $15.

Just pour your gravy into the gadget and let nature take its course. As fat rises to the top, the strainer will grab it up and get it out of your gravy. When it becomes as lean as you like, transfer the gravy into a serving dish and enjoy!

What gadgets will you be breaking out this Thanksgiving? Share your choices in the comments below!

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