How To Steam Veggies In Rice Cooker? (Best solution)

To Steam Vegetables in a Rice Cooker, Follow These Steps.

  1. After carefully cleaning the rice, place it in a large mixing basin. Make use of a heat-resistant dish and layer veggies on top of it. Allow them to rest for around 8-10 minutes after covering them with a lid. Leave them to rest for another 2-3 minutes after removing the veggies from the pan.

Can you use a rice cooker to steam vegetables?

If your rice cooker is equipped with a steam basket, you may take use of this helpful feature to utilize the device for purposes other than rice cooking. With this option, you can steam soft and fragrant veggies at the same time as your rice, saving you time and counter space when cooking both dishes.

How much water do you use to steam vegetables in a rice cooker?

How to Cook Vegetables in a Rice Cooker (with Pictures)

  1. To begin, fill the cooker pot halfway with 2-3 glasses of water. Set your veggies in the steamer basket, then place the basket in the cooker and turn it on to steam. Start the steaming process by pressing the cook button. Steam the veggies until they are cooked to your liking or until they are done to your liking.

How do you steam broccoli and carrots in a rice cooker?

Place florets in a steam basket after rinsing them under running water. Close the rice cooker’s lid after placing the basket inside. Steam broccoli for 3 minutes in the microwave using the STEAM COOK function. When you’re finished, sprinkle some salt on top.

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Can you cook vegetables with rice in rice cooker?

Fill a rice cooker pot halfway with water and rinse until the water runs clean. Drain. Add the soy sauce, sake, mirin, and salt to the saucepan, then fill the pot with water until it reaches the 2 cup measuring line. All of the veggies, with the exception of the scallions, should be placed on top.

How do you steam broccoli in a rice cooker?


  1. Rinse broccoli under running water to remove any remaining dirt. Using a sharp knife, cut broccoli into florets. After that, slice each floret into slices. Fill the rice cooker halfway with water (about 13 cup). Place the broccoli on a steaming rack and cover with water. Insert the steaming rack and secure the cover with a rubber band. The rice cooker should be turned off and unplugged when it has finished steaming.

Can you steam potatoes in a rice cooker?

Peel 4 potatoes and set them in a rice cooker with 5 cups of water. Cook on high for 30 minutes. Use the Steam setting on your multi-functional rice cooker and set the timer for 45 minutes to cook the rice. It doesn’t matter how you like your potatoes; we believe you’ll like creating mashed potatoes in a rice cooker. It’s really simple!

How long do you steam veggies for?

How long should veggies be steamed for?

  1. Carrots, cut into slices, should be cooked for 6-8 minutes. Cauliflower florets, cut into slices, should be cooked for 5-6 minutes. Asparagus (thick spears), cut into slices, should be cooked for 5-6 minutes. Brussels sprouts, cut into florets, should be cooked for 8-10 minutes.
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How do you steam asparagus in Aroma rice cooker?

Using the measuring cup, fill the inner pot of the Aroma cooker halfway with water. The amount of water required by each vegetable varies. Half a cup of water is plenty to steam asparagus, peas, spinach, squash, and zucchini, for instance. Cook cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, maize and green beans in one cup of water until they are crisp-tender.

Can you steam dumplings in a rice cooker?

Once the dumplings are ready, fill the rice cooker cooking pot halfway with water. Using a single layer of dumplings, place them in the rice cooker basket and cover with a tight fitting lid. Preheat your steamer to its highest setting and steam the dumplings for approximately 30 minutes, or until the pork is thoroughly cooked. Dumpling emoji should be used here.

How do you steam vegetables in a steamer?

A step-by-step guide on how to steam veggies!

  1. Cut the vegetables into uniform-sized pieces in step one. Step 2: Fill the saucepan halfway with water beneath the steamer basket.
  2. Step 3: Add the vegetables and cover with a lid, steaming until crisp tender (see timing chart below). Step 4: Drain and season the vegetables.

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