5 Superfood Qualities of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a superfood, and not just because it’s really delicious. The term “superfood” doesn’t have an official definition, though healthy eaters everywhere know that superfoods represent the holy grail of dietary choices. That’s because they often contain large amounts of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins…

How to Fight Your Junk Food Addiction

How to Fight Your Junk Food Addiction

Loaded cheese fries. Rocky road ice cream. Stuffed crust pizza. Just the thought of these yummy foods is enough to get your stomach growling. Despite trying to eat healthy, somehow you keep finding yourself reverting back to old behaviors because junk food just tastes so…

5 Surprisingly Healthy Hot Chocolate Recipes

If you promised to give up all things decadent and fattening, you’re probably mourning the loss of hot chocolate. As the weather turns colder, there are few desserts quite as satisfying and warming as a quality cocoa treat.