Why Did Popeyes Discontinue Dirty Rice?

The firm stated that the decision was made in response to consumer feedback and that it was ″searching for ways to improve our menu.″ ″As a result, after careful study, our Cajun rice and green beans are no longer available on the regular menu.″ But we’ve got plenty of delectable side dishes,″ the firm stated in a blog post.

Did Popeyes get rid of Cajun rice?

‘As a result, after careful deliberation, our Cajun Rice and Green Beans are no longer available on the regular menu.’ We do, however, have a plethora of delectable side dishes. However, while the Cajun chicken joint’s version of Cajun rice may not have been to everyone’s taste, it certainly maintained a particular place in the hearts of some of its loyal customers.

Does Popeyes serve Dirty Rice with their chicken?

Because of this, there is no longer a Papa John’s anyplace that will provide the folks what they want: a side of dirty rice with their chicken.

Did Popeyes discontinue serving sides?

The fast food restaurant company abruptly ceased providing the products on its menu.For every piece of wonderful news, there is an equal amount of less-than-ideal news.For example, during the same week that saw the release of Lady Gaga Oreos and the introduction of seven new Ben & Jerry’s flavors, Thrillist discovered that fast food favorite Popeyes had secretly removed two sides off its menu.

What happened to Popeyes’green beans?

Oh, and they have green beans as well. The conclusion occurred fairly abruptly and without fanfare. Popeyes itself didn’t make any announcements about the discontinuance until The Takeout put them on the spot, at which time it was game over for the fast food franchise.

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