10 Best Health Blogs to Keep You Fit This Winter

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Most people agree winter is an incredibly difficult time of year to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Holiday treats and chilly morning commutes mean more comfort food and less activity, both of which can take a toll on your physical form. Luckily, several blogs promote healthy living year-round, providing readers with calorie-conscious recipes and helpful activity tips aimed at surviving winter’s plentiful health challenges.

1. Popsugar Fitness

When it comes to a comprehensive approach to wellness, Popsugar is an excellent resource. With a variety of fitness plans, healthy eating lifestyles and even exercise videos, this site is guaranteed to help keep you focused on your goals.

2. My Yoga Online

If you love yoga, you’ve found the perfect blog to keep you centered on your health. My Yoga Online offers yoga and meditation articles, tips on poses and specialized guides with diverse content for beginners and pros alike.

3. Refinery29 Health & Wellness

Refinery29 is well known for its fashion and beauty tips, but its health section is filled with a wealth of current, up-to-date articles on general wellness. For those who enjoy reading about the latest health topics, this blog is a must-see.

4. MindBodyGreen

An ideal blog for those who want to lead a more natural lifestyle, MindBodyGreen is packed with a collective, green approach to health. The site covers more than just basic fitness and diet content by offering body image material and impressive video courses on topics ranging from plant-based nutrition to stress relief.

5. Women’s Health Mag

Women’s Health Mag covers everything you need to know to survive the holidays with your health intact, but this motivational site goes beyond the standard collection of articles to offer online personal training and diet plans.

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6. Greatist

For diverse, daily content on health, fitness, diet and lifestyle, Greatist provides fresh articles that focus on everything from recipe tips to advice on handling cold and flu season. Much like Twitter, the site offers trending keywords that narrow content down by specific, newsworthy topics.

7. HuffPost Healthy Living

HuffPost Healthy Living keeps its readers updated on the latest lifestyle news while also focusing on specific wellness-related subjects like sleep and relaxation.

8. Hello Healthy by MyFitnessPal

Numerous people use MyFitnessPal’s calorie-counting app daily, but Hello Healthy builds upon the app’s foundation to provide more than just diet analysis and activity logs. The site features app tips, motivation techniques and success stories to keep readers on track.

9. Life by DailyBurn

Life by DailyBurn offers relevant articles on mental health and various dietary lifestyles, and it even features helpful health hacks that make life a bit easier during the stress of the holiday season.

10. Shape

Perfect for those who want to rev up their fitness plans this winter, Shape offers specialized cardio and strength training workouts for every fitness level. In addition, the site promotes other healthy living blogs and provides motivating workout playlists.

Adding these blogs to your daily reading will encourage healthy habits all winter long, and you’ll surely reap the rewards of such a balanced and consistent lifestyle.

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