What Is The Main Idea Of Rice For Thanksgiving?

Rice for Thanksgiving″ is a short article that depicts how someone from a diverse cultural background celebrates not just Thanksgiving, but also life in the United States of America. The author refers to herself as ″rice and gravy,″ which refers to the fact that, despite the fact that she is white and Asian, she is still a native-born American.

Why rice and gravy for Thanksgiving?

Rice and gravy, in my opinion, is a similar form of translation. It’s a lovely bit of culture that can only be found at the point when immigrants weave their own histories into the tale of the United States. And it’s this that my family celebrates with rice and gravy on Thanksgiving Day each year.

What does the dish of rice and gravy symbolize to Fong?

She uses the meal of rice and gravy to represent who she is: a mash-up of two disparate and unexpected elements that come together to form one whole.In spite of this, the unique concoction ends up being something that her family comes together over throughout the Christmas season, and it is also said to be extremely delicious.Fong discusses some of the problems that have arisen in her identity as a result of its ambiguity.

What is the meaning of for her rice and gravy?

Her entire existence is a symbol of development and a representation of my nation, which is a mosaic of people with roots all over the world who, despite their differences, have come together to build something new and powerful. Rice and gravy is a form of translation that she uses on a regular basis.

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What does your image of thanksgiving look like?

My Thanksgiving vision consists of grandma’s eleven grandkids pouring turkey gravy over piles of steaming white rice, as if they were a family of eleven. Because I am rice and gravy, I believe in the power of rice and gravy.

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