What Is A Maris Piper Potato?

What Is A Maris Piper Potato
A favourite English potato grown since the 60s, Maris Piper is a purple flowered maincrop potato and is one of the best known and most popular varieties on sale today. More Maris Piper potatoes are grown than any other variety in the UK – over 19,000 hectares were grown in 2012.

Maris Pipers are readily available in supermarkets and greengrocers. The Maris Piper has a golden skin and creamy white flesh with a fluffy texture. This makes it a versatile all rounder, great for chips and roast potatoes, but also good for mash and wedges. Enjoy Maris Pipers at home with some great recipes created especially by bestselling author food stylist and mum of two Jo Pratt.

Jo is a huge fan of cooking with this variety, as her mum used them when she was growing up and Maris Piper provides her with the consistent cooking quality she needs as a chef. Maris Pipers have a high dry matter content which is what gives them their fabulous fluffiness.

This makes them perfect for roast potatoes but they need timing when parboiling for the textured surface which creates a wonderful crispy, crunchy outer. Celebrity chef Jo Pratt has tips for perfect Maris Piper Roasties. The upside to this high dry matter is that as well as roast potatoes, chips and wedges made with Maris Piper have a lovely crunchy outside, with a delicious fluffy creamy middle.

Maris Pipers also make light, fluffy mashed potato. Try out Maris Piper potatoes in our exquisitely soft and fluffy colcannon potatoes mash recipe, or alternatively head to our wider potato recipes which are broken down into helpful categories so you can find what you want quickly and easily.

What is a good substitute for Maris Piper potato?

Well, the recipes all say ‘russets’ are the best substitute starchier than the yukon gold.

What do Maris Piper potatoes taste like?

Maris Piper potatoes are small to medium in size and are oval to oblong in shape. They have a somewhat uniform shape, and the skin is brown to light tan and smooth. There are also a few shallow eyes that are spread across the surface. The flesh has a yellow to cream-colored hue and is dense and firm.

  • When cooked, Maris Piper potatoes have a fluffy and floury texture with mild and earthy flavors.
  • Maris Piper potatoes are available year-round, with peak season in the late summer through early fall.
  • Maris Piper potatoes, botanically classified as Solanum tuberosum ‘Maris Piper’, are considered by some to be the most commonly grown variety in the United Kingdom and is popular for making chips, also known as French fries.

Maris Piper potatoes contain potassium, fiber, and vitamin C. Maris Piper potatoes are best suited for cooked applications such as chipping, roasting, mashing, or baking. Maris Piper potatoes contain a high amount of dry matter content which makes them ideal for frying or roasting to obtain a crunchy outside and fluffy texture on the inside.

  • Maris Piper potatoes pair well with simple seasonings such as salt and pepper and fresh herbs or can be combined in savory dishes such as potato and egg hash.
  • Maris Piper potatoes will keep for a few weeks when stored in a cool, dry place with little to no sunlight.
  • Maris Piper potatoes are grown commercially in the United Kingdom and are called for specifically by name in many recipes.

They are seldom found outside of the islands due to seed shipping restrictions. Maris Piper potatoes originated in Ireland from grower John Clarke in 1963. Clarke created over thirty-three certified varieties of potatoes and worked closely with Dr. Harold Howard who was in charge of the Cambridge breeding institute.

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Many new producvarieties were grown at the institute and given the first name of “Maris” due to the location of the institute on Maris Lane. The second name given to each new crop began with the first letter of the specific variety. In this instance, Harold Howardon, William, suggested Piper to be the name to denote the letter “P” for potato.

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What is Maris Piper potato in Australia?

Maris Piper, a humble-looking spud next to many others, is a floury potato that emerges in a blaze of glory when baked (crunchy-skinned, cloud-soft within), fried as chips (similar result), mashed (ethereal).

Why are Maris Piper potatoes called Maris Piper?

Breeding – The Maris Building in Trumpington where Maris Piper was developed The leaves of Maris Piper A side view of a crop of Maris Piper in flower Attempts to find resistance to the potato cyst nematode Globodera rostochiensis in wild potatoes began in 1941, when Conrad Ellenby started testing over 60 species held in the Commonwealth Potato Collection, finding that few were resistant or suitable to breed with cultivated potatoes.

In a letter to Nature in 1952, Ellenby reported that by 1948 he had found four types that were resistant and could be crossed with contemporary varieties. All four were the species Solanum tuberosum andigena, and one of these, CPC 1673, was the source of nematode resistance in Maris Piper. Although resistant to PCN, the wild potato produced very small tubers in the UK climate.

Led by H.W. Howard, workers at the Plant Breeding Institute in Cambridge crossed the wild potato with contemporary varieties to produce a high-yielding, resistant variety. CPC 1673 was backcrossed, crossed with Ulster Knight, and then crossed with a cross of Arran Cairn and Herald,

Arran Cairn was bred by Donald Mackelvie, the leading Scottish potato breeder in the early 20th century, and Ulster Knight was bred by John Clarke, an eminent potato breeder from Antrim, The final cross was made in 1956, but it took another ten years for the variety to be tested and multiplied before it was recommended by the National Institute of Agricultural Botany in 1966.

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The PBI and Howard were awarded the Queen’s Award for Technology in 1982 for breeding Maris Piper.

Are Maris Piper potatoes good for baking?

Method –

  1. Select even-sized large potatoes weighing 225-275g – Maris Piper, King Edward, Desirée or Cara are especially good varieties for baking. Scrub and prick in several places with a fork.
  2. For crisp skins, leave as they are or roll, while still damp, in coarse sea salt. Wrapping potatoes in foil keeps them moist and will soften the skins.
  3. Put the potatoes on a baking sheet, spacing them apart so they do not touch. Or for quickness, cook on a potato baker – a gadget with spikes.
  4. A baking temperature of 220°C, gas mark 7 is best. Bake for 1-1 1/2 hours according to size. Test by squeezing, the potato will feel soft. Several potatoes baked at the same time take longer. Alternatively, bake at 170°C, gas mark 3 with a casserole for 2-2½ hours.
  5. With a sharp knife, make a deep cross on top and press firmly in a cloth until all four points open out. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper and top with butter.
  6. Or cut the potato in half lengthways, scoop out the soft potato into a bowl, (put the skins back into the oven to crisp up) and mash with seasoning, then add grated cheese, cream or herbs and spoon back into the skins for serving.
  7. Do not cover baked potatoes that are being kept hot for serving as they go soft.

Are Maris Piper potatoes good for boiling?

Floury varieties such as Maris Piper and King Edward are brilliant for baking and mashing, but not for boiling as they tend to fall apart. Waxy types such as Charlotte or Anya hold together when steamed or boiled, but don’t mash well.

What are best potatoes for mashing?

1. Using the wrong type of potatoes – Choose higher starch potatoes like Russets or Yukon Golds for the fluffiest, smoothest and most flavor-packed mash. Russet varieties mash up light and fluffy, while yellow-fleshed potatoes like Yukon Gold have a naturally buttery flavor and creamy, dense consistency.

What are the best floury potatoes in Australia?

Pink eye – A waxy potato with a slight nutty flavour, pink eyes are one of the best all rounder spuds. Use them in salads, steam them as a side or throw them in with the Sunday roast. Best for: potato salads, steaming, boiling and baking.

What type of potatoes are at Woolworths?

Y ou might know them simply as white or red, and buy them either washed or brushed. If pressed, you might even be able to name three or four varieties. But for most Australians that’s about as far as it goes when it comes to potatoes. A recent scan of large Coles and Woolworths supermarkets in both Sutherland shire in Sydney and Goulburn in the New South Wales southern tablelands turned up eight or nine different types of potatoes in each store. The British potato variety nicola. Photograph: Alamy Meanwhile, on the shelves at Coles were the varieties desiree, kipfler, virginia rose, and carisma. Coles were selling another variety, nadine, as baby potatoes, or chats. The brandname potatoes Creme Gold, Creme Royale and Red Royale were also on offer.

  • Some were marked as being good for specific things, such as baking or roasting.
  • Others were simply washed or brushed (meaning some dirt was left on).
  • If you walk into a large British supermarket you are likely to see many more varieties of potato for sale, with shoppers appearing to be much more selective about what they buy.
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Tesco, for example, had 16 distinct varieties of potato for sale in its Shaftesbury store last autumn; none were being sold under brandnames. All were clearly marked to show whether they were best for boiling, roasting, baking, mashing or frying. Three of the potato varieties come under the category of all-rounders – meaning they will work in most potato dishes, though they might not necessarily excel in any of them.

  1. Among the big sellers were new potatoes – young spuds with thin, wispy skins and a waxy texture.
  2. These are popular in Britain but are rarely found in Australian supermarkets.
  3. These buttery, yellow-fleshed potatoes taste very different from the Australian chats, which are simply small potatoes sorted out from their larger siblings.

So why does a British supermarket sell around twice as many types of potato as the Australian equivalent at any one time, while relying on specific varieties rather than made-up brands? The experts agree that it’s partly because, unlike residents in many parts of Europe, Australians haven’t been adequately educated about the spud and its many varieties.

Do you have to peel Maris Piper potatoes?

They have a delicate sweet flavour, a slightly fluffy flesh and work well in savoury dishes. To retain the colour, it’s best to keep the skin on.

What is the most popular potato?

Consumer Goods & FMCG Food & Nutrition

Premium Premium statistics Industry-specific and extensively researched technical data (partially from exclusive partnerships). A paid subscription is required for full access. The statistic shows the most consumed potato varieties in the United States in 2021. Russet potatoes were the most consumed type, with 55 percent of respondents stating that this variety was their favorite.

Why are my potatoes black under the skin?

When I cut my potatoes open, I noticed a brownish discoloration and the center seemed hollow. Sometimes, the center is black and seems decayed. – This is, in fact, a physiological condition called hollow heart. Hollow heart occurs when growing conditions abruptly change during the season.

It can arise when the potato plants recover too quickly after a period of environmental or nutritional stress. When the tubers begin to grow rapidly, the tuber pith can die and/or pull apart leaving a void in the center. This condition is not a disease and is not harmful. From time to time, if potatoes are held in very warm conditions with little air, the tuber pith void can develop into a condition called blackheart, causing a decayed, black center.

If you cut either condition away, you can still use the remaining healthy potato flesh.

What potato is similar to King Edward?

Maris Piper Potatoes – Maris Pipers are fairly similar to King Edwards. The main difference, however, is its dryness. While a dry potato works great when making floury mash, maybe avoid using for a jacket potato.

What type of potatoes are floury?

Floury potatoes have a fluffy, dry texture that makes great mash or chips. Key varieties include Desiree, Estima, King Edward and Maris Piper. We’ve got the perfect jacket potato recipe with a smoky, cheesy filling. Of course you can opt for baked beans, but why?

What are best potatoes for mashing?

1. Using the wrong type of potatoes – Choose higher starch potatoes like Russets or Yukon Golds for the fluffiest, smoothest and most flavor-packed mash. Russet varieties mash up light and fluffy, while yellow-fleshed potatoes like Yukon Gold have a naturally buttery flavor and creamy, dense consistency.