What to Wear Jogging in Fall

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Fall is finally here, bringing with it vibrant foliage and every festive flavored coffee, beer and dessert with it. However, if you’re a runner, fall also brings colder temperatures and earlier sunsets – both of which can cause for a change to a daily jogging routine. As comfort and safety directly correlate to performance during a run, the clothing you wear during the fall is very important. If you’re not sure what to wear for your autumn jogs, here are five key pieces.

1. Spandex

Whether you call them running tights, spandex or athletic leggings, this piece of apparel is a must-have for fall. As yoga pants or other styles of sweatpants are often baggy, they can become a safety hazard during a run. Spandex, however, will keep you warm and safe during your chilliest of fall runs.

2. A Water Resistant Shell

A typical fall weather forecast can be very unpredictable, ranging from rain to sunshine to excessive winds all in a matter of hours. However, runners don’t often let a little shower rain on their daily job, so having the appropriate outerwear is key. A staple garment for fall running – and early spring jogs too – is a lightweight waterproof shell jacket. This will ensure that you stay high and dry during your workout without working up too much of a sweat.

3. A Reflector, Somewhere

As the days begin to get shorter, chances are your daily run may be in the dark. To make sure you stay safe and visible to cars, especially if your running route is on a road,  incorporate reflective garments into your running wardrobe. Whether you have reflective material on your jacket, spandex or even your sneakers, making sure you can be seen while running at dusk or in the dark is absolutely important.

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4. Anything but Cotton

While you may be able to get away with wearing an old ragged t-shirt in the summer, that simply just won’t cut it in the fall. As cotton holds in moisture and wetness, running in this type of material will only make you feel cool, wet and uncomfortable. Instead, make sure your go-to running garb is made from a synthetic material, which is both moisture-wicking and breathable.

5. The Right Footwear

To make sure your feet are as warm, protected and comfortable during your jogs this fall, make sure you’re wearing the right socks and running shoes. When shopping for socks, stay away from 100 percent cotton, as this can cause uncomfortable wetness and blisters. Instead, opt for socks made with a blend of synthetic materials and even some cushioning for extra support. When shopping for fall running footwear, go for a pair with excellent tread – those fallen leaves can be very slippery after a rain shower – and some waterproof capabilities as well.

To keep your running routine on track this fall, make sure you’re properly outfitted. By wearing the right kind of clothing and footwear for running outdoors this season, you will no doubt stay warm, dry and safe during each of your daily sweat sessions. So, put on your spandex, lace up your sneakers and hit the pavement.

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