The Ultimate Foodie Gift Guide

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Do you have a food-obsessed friend or family member? You know, the one with an overabundance of kitchen gadgets and dog-eared cookbooks, the one who’s always throwing impressive dinner parties, the one who’s at the grocery store all the time snapping up ingredients for a new recipe she found in a magazine? Well then, this person needs a food-related gift that’s just as flamboyant as she is. Here’s a list of 11 items any foodie would be thrilled to receive.

Chelsea Market Cookbook

Someone who knows their way around a kitchen will certainly appreciate another cookbook, and this one tops the bill. The Chelsea Market Cookbook includes recipes and stories from Chelsea Market in New York City, which is a food-lover’s paradise. The book puts you right in the heart and the history of this beloved market, with recipes to die for.

Hot Dog Toaster

Why just grill a hot dog when you can toast one instead? The Retro Series Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster is a fast, fun and unique way to cook hot dogs and toast buns, even indoors on a rainy day. Kids will love it too, and it’s great for parties.

Bread-Making Kit

Making bread from scratch can sometimes be a challenge, but Average Joe’s Artisan Bread Kit makes it a snap. All you need is a covered pot and a hot oven to create crusty and delicious artisan loaves in your own home. You also get a cookbook and enough ingredients for three loaves of bread.

Traveling Snack Bowl

Snacks on the go aren’t just for kids. Adults who can’t ever be without their chips and dip or veggies and hummus will appreciate the Ooma Bowl. With separate containers for two different items, this bowl elevates snacking on the couch to an art form.

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Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

There’s nothing quite like drinking your favorite boozy drink out of a mason jar, it’s just so retro country. Make it a bit more upscale by mixing your drink in a Mason Shaker. It’s part deep South, part hip urbanite and lots of fun.

Flavor Infuser Water Bottle

This fancy water bottle takes just popping a slice of lemon into your glass to the next level. The Flavor Infuser Water Bottle will properly and refreshingly infuse your water with any flavor you can imagine, from watermelon chunks to strawberry slices to cucumbers.

Beer-Making Kit

If you have a beer-lover to buy for, pick up one of the Beer-Making Kits offered by the Brooklyn Brew Shop. Try various flavors, from Everyday IPA to Chocolate Maple Porter to Jalapeno Saison. Each kit produces one batch of brew.

Cup-Holder Swivel Tray

Sometimes food is not carefully prepared in the kitchen but eaten on the run, so why not make it a bit homier? The Automobile Swivel Tray makes eating fast-food in your car on those super-busy days a bit more gourmet.

Portion Control Pasta Basket

It can be all too easy to overdose on pasta. Now, there’s a way to prevent that, with Jokari Healthy Steps Portion Control Pasta Basket. This ingenious little device makes it a snap to measure, cook and strain just the right amount of pasta, so now there’s no excuse for going overboard.

Herb Keeper

Unless you have an herb garden, you must rely on grocery store herbs which seem to spoil all too quickly. The Herb Keeper is a great way to preserve the life of fresh-cut herbs by storing them upright with stems immersed in water. This means you’ll have to take fewer trips to the store for replacement herbs.

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Food for Fitness Artisan Holiday Gift Box

What’s better than one gift? How about a gift box with about a dozen unique and exciting gifts?! This gift box was lovingly compiled with all kinds of great goodies for your foodie friend – from granola, to unique nutrition bars, and even some guilt-free snacks. Hey, I won’t judge you if you send this box straight to yourself.

Any foodie would love to receive one of these unique and fun gift ideas. Why not pick up one for yourself while you’re at it?

Got any other great gift ideas for foodies? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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