10 Healthy Sheet Pan Recipes

10 Healthy Sheet Pan Recipes

We all want to create healthy meals for our friends and families, but when a recipe calls for half a dozen different pots and pans to complete, the reward of a tasty meal isn’t worth the time you’ll spend washing dishes afterward. Sheet pan recipes…

10 Healthy Meatball Recipes

10 Healthy Meatball Recipes

Everyone loves meatballs. You can make them out of just about anything, pair them with your favorite sauces and enjoy them over pasta, on a sandwich or by themselves. Unfortunately, traditional meatballs aren’t the healthiest option out there, so with that in mind, we’ve gathered…

10 Delicious Pan Sauce Recipes

10 Delicious Pan Sauce Recipes

Pan sauces are a simple way to take advantage of all the tasty bits that have stuck to the bottom of your pan. It’s effortless and can add layers of flavor to your dish. All you need to do is prepare your protein, remove it…


11 Super Quick Summer Snacks

Part of the joy of summer is that it changes up your routine, and this can include what you eat. Certain foods definitely belong to summer activities: think BBQ and watermelon. Those foods make you picture pool parties and sweltering summer afternoons, not Thanksgiving dinner…

Two lobsters on a plate with lemons.

10 Delicious Lobster Recipes Perfect for Summertime

When people think about what to cook during the summer, common meals tend to be along the lines of hamburgers and hot dogs. Pairing those with a homemade pasta salad and corn on the cob can be delicious, but it can also get old fast….

Cutting board with apples, carrots, and cucumbers being prepared.

10 Ways to Get Dinner on the Table ASAP

Cooking dinner is sometimes a nice, relaxing way to spend the evening, but almost no one enjoys it all the time. Luckily, there are ways to speed the process up. Check out this list for 10 ideas to hurry up and eat! 1. Be Your…

Eat blueberries to help reduce food waste.

How to Reduce Food Waste in 5 Easy Steps

Food waste is an embarrassingly large problem in most developed countries. About 40% of food produced in the U.S. is wasted, while 48 million Americans don’t have enough to eat. About 84% of Americans throw away perfectly good food. It’s bad for the environment, your…

Healthy fast food sandwich

Healthy Takes on Fast Food: All the Flavor, Half the Calories

People who love cooking, first and foremost love eating, which is why they enjoy trying out all new recipes, improving old ones, adapting them to their own taste, adding a little something-something on the side and creating a whole plethora of extraordinary things. Eating meals you…

Mac and cheese dish.

Healthy Mac and Cheese Makeovers

Mac and cheese, with its rich flavor and creamy texture, is perhaps the ultimate comfort food, especially for those cold winter nights. But there’s no denying that it’s a heavy and calorific choice, as well as lacking in nutritional value. Mac and cheese is a…


Why Carbs Really Aren’t the Enemy

When you hear the term carb, what comes to mind? Bread? Pasta? Potatoes? Those are not the only form of dietary carbohydrates. Carbs can be found in fruits and vegetables as well, in the form of natural sugars and starches. Cutting carbs — eliminating foods…