How to Stay in Shape Without a Gym Membership

While we love to stimulate our palates and savor the world’s many culinary delights, we also understand the importance of health. If going to the gym isn’t your thing, consider the following eight ways to stay in shape this season, all of which can be done without stepping foot inside a dreaded gym.

1. Buy or Borrow a DVD Series

Some of best workouts today are those that are only offered via DVD series, such as P90X or Focus T25. While these aren’t exactly cheap, purchasing a workout series will eliminate the need to pay for a gym membership. Another option is to go halves with a workout buddy and share the cost of a series, or you could borrow a series from a friend to avoid purchasing your own.

2. Use Those Stairs

Your home is full of workout equipment, cleverly disguised as part of the building’s architecture. Take to the steps to bust a sweat and work those lower body muscles.

3. YouTube Yoga

Yoga is a great way to tone, lengthen, and increase flexibility and balance. You can easily do yoga in the privacy of your home or backyard. If you’re not familiar with the poses or a typical yoga routine, find something you like on YouTube. There are many options, and best of all, they’re free.

4. Check Out the Local Park

Local parks are a treasure-trove when it comes to avoiding the cost of a gym. They offer space for walking, hiking and biking, and some even include exercise equipment. If you like being outside and the weather is tolerable, put on a comfy pair of sneakers and go on a park adventure. You will likely find a new favorite spot.

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5. Grab a Chair

Chair exercises are underrated – they work your entire body and can be done with only a chair. Make sure the chair is sturdy and won’t slide around on the floor. You can do dips to tone the arms and core, chair crunches or a variety of other chair exercises. Also consider exercising while at your desk.

6. Raid the Kitchen

No, this doesn’t mean raid the kitchen for snacks (not now, anyway). Consider what you have in your cupboards that can double as weights for light lifting, such as soup cans or gallon jugs. Also, a broomstick can be used for balance when doing squats.

7. Wall Squats

Speaking of squats, which are incredibly helpful yet simple exercises, consider trying the wall squat. Squats tone your legs, butt and back – and who doesn’t want that?

8. Revive Old Equipment

Surely you have some old workout equipment lying around the house. Whether it’s an old treadmill collecting dust or an old pair of jogging shoes, give your old equipment a second chance.

There are plenty of things you can do to stay in shape without a gym membership. The Age of the Internet has brought with it many advantages, including working out from home via free instruction videos. Check out what YouTube has to offer – you won’t be disappointed.

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