5 Ways to Stay in Shape This Fall

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With new smells, new colors and new temperatures, fall is a dramatic, welcoming transformation from the sticky summer heat. It’s also a good chance for some personal change and growth.

This season, don’t let the shorter days and chilly air keep you static. Get moving and stay in shape this fall with some of these suggestions.

1. Join a New Group

For kids, fall means returning to school, but that doesn’t mean adults can’t also try new things. Search your area for new fitness clubs and activities. You might find anything from traditional yoga or spinning classes to hiking or rock-wall climbing.

It’s a great way to meet new people and stay in shape, but do something local. If it’s a long drive, you might be tempted to skip it when you’re tired or busy.

2. Tweak Your Daily Routine

A few simple adjustments to your everyday lifestyle can make a difference.

Balance on one foot while brushing your teeth (don’t forget to switch feet) to develop balance and strength in your hips. When at work, stand while talking on the phone instead of sitting at your desk.

Finally, when you sit down to watch TV in the evening, lift weights, walk in place or do dips during the show. Leave commercials for intense bursts of activity, like push-ups, crunches or Pilates.

3. Adjust Your Diet

Of course, it’s not just about what you do on the outside. What you eat is equally important.

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Go beyond the usual rules like more green vegetables and grilled over fried. Incorporate seasonal recipes like apple bread, squash soup or spiced coffee into your meals for a fresh taste of fall. When the holidays come around, make healthier Thanksgiving dishes or easy substitutions like wheat for white or low-fat sauces and dressings.

4. Do Some Fall Cleaning

Major housework isn’t just for spring. Create a fall cleaning project that’ll help you burn calories and build muscle.

Raking leaves is an obvious fall activity, but you can also clean the gutter, maintain a garden, wax your car, redecorate a room or thoroughly clean the inside of your home. When you’re finished, both the house and your body will look great.

5. Enjoy the Season

Fall is a beautiful time of year. With humidity fading and leaves changing colors, it’s the perfect time to go for a hike, bike ride or even just a simple walk in a scenic area.

Depending on where you live, canoeing, skiing or apple picking are also fun choices. Get a group of friends together for outdoor sports like football, soccer or volleyball. The options are endless with these cooler temperatures and festive views.

Find What Motivates You

Exercising and eating healthy have plenty of benefits. They lower stress, help you sleep better and control your weight.

Consider your personal goals this fall and think about them every time the days get a bit shorter and chillier. If you stay motivated, you’ll be living a healthy lifestyle long before it’s time for New Year’s resolutions.

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