How Your Spring Cleaning Can Actually Impact Your Health

How Your Spring Cleaning Can Actually Impact Your Health

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It’s about time for something everybody dreads—spring cleaning. No matter how much you hate it, it’s something that needs to be done. Things need tossed, shelves need organized and your whole house needs an overhaul. But did you know your spring cleaning can also help keep you healthy? Here’s how.

It Burns Calories

Housework can help you burn a surprising amount of calories. While it isn’t enough for you to substitute for a workout, it can certainly help you burn off that extra ice cream you ate last night. You’ll have to clean thoroughly and properly for this to work, though, no sloppy jobs!

It Might Save Your Life Someday

Spring cleaning is a great time for you to do the annual battery change in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Making sure these are always up to date with fresh batteries could be crucial if something ever happens in your home, particularly when you’re sleeping and won’t recognize it right away.

If you have a chimney, get it professionally cleaned. Chimneys can carry a big risk of carbon monoxide exposure when they aren’t cleaned properly and often enough.

It Helps Make Sure Your Medicine Is Safe

Cleaning out the medicine cabinet is something you definitely have to do during your spring cleaning. Expired medicine can be extremely risky and may actually do you harm. Once those medicines are past their expiration date they aren’t guaranteed to work and might actually do more harm to you.

If you have kids old enough to get their own medicines, they probably aren’t going to double-check the expiration date when they grab some Advil the next time they have a headache. You want to make sure their health isn’t risked.

It Can Keep Your Kids and Pets Out of Danger

Speaking of kids, you want to make sure your garage is organized and dangerous things are out of reach as well. Often there are cleaners, paint and other chemical products in a garage, and you want to make sure those are well out of reach of kids and animals. Make sure that any outdated products are disposed of accordingly, as they can do some serious damage when they aren’t disposed of in the right way.

If you have tools in your garage, those should all be properly cleaned and put away as well. Accidentally cutting yourself on something you left out won’t be fun.

Clean your garage floor well at this time too. It absorbs oil, gas and all sorts of gross things you don’t want to be left on there.

Another place to check is under bathroom and kitchen sinks where cleaners are normally stored. Lids on these should be childproof or at least extremely tight and secure so there’s no risk of them being accidentally spilled or opened.

It Helps with Allergies

Indoor allergies can be a serious problem and they can come from places that you might not expect. Of course, you’ll want to do a thorough dusting and vacuuming to ensure you get all of the dust out of those areas. Maybe even steam clean the carpet and furniture to really clean it well.

Dust mites really thrive in places like bedding, furniture and carpet so you want to do your best to clean these areas. There are special allergen-proof covers you can put on your mattress to help keep them from thriving there.

Mold can also be a big allergy trigger. It forms in any damp areas, so be sure to deep clean the bathroom and other places that are frequently damp and encourage mold growth. Check for any leaking pipes or roofs as they can lead to a ton of mold as well.

It Can Help Prevent Falls

Make sure all your rugs have non-skid bottoms. It also might be helpful to do this with tables and chairs that are on hard floors, especially if there are children around who want to play on them.

If you have a lot of hardwood floors that you plan on waxing and buffing, make sure everyone in the house is aware when you do. Socks and a freshly polished floor don’t normally mix well.

Spring cleaning has a lot more impact on your health than you may think! Slap on those rubber gloves, fill up the mop bucket and go to town!