How To Reheat Potato Latkes?

How To Reheat Potato Latkes
Ever wondered how to make perfectly cooked, crispy and delicious potato latkes? Having trouble getting your latkes to stick together and fry up light and crisp? This post and video will walk you through the whole process, with links to time-tested recipes that produce amazing latkes every time! I celebrated my first Hanukkah several years before I converted to Judaism. I had studied Judaism in college, but I didn’t have any practical experience when it came to Jewish food or holiday traditions. Meanwhile, my husband-to-be was as Jewish as they come.

  1. He was born and raised in Israel by two Jewish parents and a rabbi grandfather.
  2. He grew up spinning dreidels and eating sufganiyot (Hanukkah jelly doughnuts).
  3. I grew up singing Christmas carols and hanging stockings by the chimney with care.
  4. My first attempt at cooking latkes was a minor disaster.
  5. Luckily, I’ve learned a thing or two since then.

I thought it would be fun to put some of my most helpful tips into a post, so you can avoid the potato pancake pitfalls that I’ve experienced along the way. This post will give you specific tips for making amazing crispy latkes. If you’re looking for recipes, scroll to the end of this post, where I’ve linked to some fabulous, time-tested options. Pile of three latkes on a white plate with sour cream and chives.