How to Make Zoodles Without a Spiralizer

Thanks to everyone who responded so positively to my last post about zoodles recipes. If you are new to this healthy food trend, zoodles are shaved zucchini noodles used as a low-carb, healthy replacement for spaghetti. In fact, some call them zucchini spaghetti.

Even though spiralizers, the convenient kitchen device used to make zoodles and other thinly spiraled veggies, can be affordable, I understand that many people don’t have the room to store another gadget.

One friend of mind has a strict rule: She won’t buy kitchen gadgets that only serve one purpose. So whether it’s your budget or your kitchen principles that are keeping you from trying zoodles, never fear.  A similar shape and thickness can be achieved by common kitchen tools you probably already own, you just need to learn how to make zoodles without a spiralizer.

Here are three ways to make zoodles, even if you don’t own a spiralizer.

How to Make Zoodles with a Box Grater

You may be wondering how you can even make zoodles with a grater! I typically use my box grater for cheese, which produces small little shavings of deliciousness. We need the zoodles to be long enough to replicate the length of pasta. So place your box grater with the wider side flat against a cutting board or counter. Then grate the zucchini lengthwise, rotating as you wear down the squash. The resulting strips of zucchini are long enough to suffice in zoodles recipes – although admittedly they aren’t full spaghetti length.

How to Make Zoodles with a Mandoline (Julienne Blade)

I’m not gonna lie; I got my mandoline as a gift years ago, and it sat in my cupboard for a long time. I’d get it out, look at those terrifyingly sharp blades, remind myself I’m a klutz and have visions of cutting a finger off. So back in the cupboard went the mandoline.

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The desire to make zoodles without buying a spiralizer was just the motivation I needed to finally face my blade fears. Using the julienne blade, I carefully swiped the zucchini lengthwise, rotating as I wore down on side of the veggie. This makes it far easier to julienne zuchinni noodles than doing it manually!

The best part is, I’ve now used the mandoline for other vegetables, like carrots, as well. I’m so glad I finally faced that fear. You too can make zoodles with a mandoline, just watch out for your fingers!

How to Make Zoodles with a Julienne Peeler

Another kitchen tool you may already have in your drawer is the julienne peeler. Similar to a potato peeler, this version has sharp grooves across the width of peeler to create thin strips, which are just what you need for zoodles.

Place your zucchini on a cutting board and swipe the julienne peeler lengthwise down the vegetable.  You’ll have enough strips for a zoodles recipe in no time.

In all three of these kitchen hacks – the box grater, the mandoline and the julienne peeler – the resulting zoodles will be straight instead of spiral. Sure, buying a separate kitchen gadget will help you make zoodles that are more akin in to spaghetti, but most of us already have one of these things in our kitchen.

So, if you are new to zoodles and spiraled veggie recipes, try these alternatives to a spiralizer. If you fall in love with these low-carb, high-fiber delicious recipes, then you can feel more justified in adding a spiralizer to your kitchen gadget repertoire. But you, too, can make zoodles, even without a spiralizer!

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