How to Fight Your Junk Food Addiction

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Loaded cheese fries. Rocky road ice cream. Stuffed crust pizza. Just the thought of these yummy foods is enough to get your stomach growling. Despite trying to eat healthy, somehow you keep finding yourself reverting back to old behaviors because junk food just tastes so good. At the same time you know this junk will have you cursing your choices when your waistline starts increasing and the number on the scale creeps up.

Follow these tips to curb your addiction for junk and adopt some better eating habits.

Look Into What Your Cravings Could Really Mean

More likely than not, your cravings are the result of a deficiency in what you’re eating. Instead of giving into your salty snack attack, research what you’re craving could actually mean and choose healthy options to satisfy what caused the less-than-healthy desire.

Splurge Only on the Best

French lifestyle dieting has been a hot topic of conversation for years because the French seem to eat whatever they want without gaining weight. After much analysis, the key to their success seems to be embracing decadent treats, but only in small portions and at the best possible quality. Go ahead and have chocolate, but choose to indulge in a decadent chocolate truffle over a cheap leftover piece of candy in the breakroom.

Don’t Keep It Around

This is perhaps the simplest tip and one you’ve probably heard before, but it deserves repeating. You know not to keep a gallon of ice cream hidden in the back of your fridge because as soon as your junk food addiction hits, you’ll be elbows deep in the container before you know it. Another pitfall to avoid is feeling obligated to sample birthday cake during a co-worker’s birthday celebration or being tantalized by donuts in the breakroom at work.

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Save yourself from later self-recrimination and try to remove yourself from the situation as much as possible. Situate yourself away from the platter of bagels during a morning meeting and try to stay busy with conversation during office parties so you’re not distracted by the scent of sugar in the air.

Make Over Your Guilty Pleasure

Sometimes your desire for your favorite bad-for-you food will overwhelm you. Instead of picking up the phone and ordering your favorite takeout, try to find healthy hacks to make junk food relatively good for you. Making your own junk food is almost always healthier than eating pre-packaged junk – and if you took the time and effort to make it, you will probably savor it more anyway.

Turn It Into a Challenge

One effective way to break bad habits is to issue yourself a challenge and create actionable steps to reach your goals. Let improving your health motivate you toward kicking the bad habit. Of course, too quick of a lifestyle change might not be possible for you, so you should keep in mind what will be most manageable for your day-to-day life.

While eating healthy is important, beating yourself up if you still indulge in junk every now and then will get you nowhere. Keep an eye out for situations that will trigger your cravings, but don’t let your junk food ban prevent you from having fun.

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