How To Cook Broccoli In Rice Cooker?


  1. Cut the broccoli into bite-sized florets and remove the stem (or save it for later use).
  2. 2 cups of water should be added to the rice cooker pot.
  3. Place florets in a steam basket after rinsing them under running water.
  4. Steam broccoli for 3 minutes using the STEAM COOK option on your microwave.
  5. When you’re finished, sprinkle some salt on top.

Can you cook vegetables in a rice cooker?

There are many various types of veggies that may be steamed in the rice cooker, including green bean casserole, broccoli casserole, onion, broccoli casserole, pepper and scallion casserole, carrots and zucchini casserole, and leafy greens. It depends on a variety of factors how long it will take the electric rice cooker to steam the veggies to their desired consistency.

How do you steam broccoli in a rice cooker without a steamer basket?

Place 1-2′ of water in the bottom of a saucepan with a cover and cook over high heat until the water begins to boil, stirring occasionally. Place the cover on top of the broccoli and set aside. Cook for 3-4 minutes on medium heat.

How much water do you use to steam vegetables in a rice cooker?

Pour 2-3 cups of water into the cooker pot and then place the veggies in the steamer basket. Cook on high for around 15 minutes. Place the basket in the rice cooker and cover with the lid to keep the rice warm while cooking. Set the machine to the COOK setting and begin steaming. Steam the veggies until they are cooked to your liking or until they are done to your liking.

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How long does it take to steam broccoli in an Aroma rice cooker?

Place the broccoli on a steaming rack and cover with water. Insert the steaming rack and secure the top with a rubber band. Set the timer at the same time as you turn on the rice cooker to save time. Allow for 5 minutes of steaming.

Can I steam broccoli on top of rice?

Broccoli, carrots, celery, zucchini squash, yellow squash, onions, garlic, and dark leafy greens are just a few of the vegetables that may be steamed, and they are all delicious. Brown rice and white rice are two types of rice that may be cooked while veggies simmer in a separate pot.

How do I steam vegetables in my Aroma rice cooker?

Cook cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, maize and green beans in one cup of water until they are crisp-tender.

  1. Step 2: Place the Vegetables on top. Place the veggies in the steam tray of the Aroma cooker and close the lid.
  2. Step 3: Set the Aroma Rice Cooker to the desired settings. Press the ‘Steam/Cook’ button on the Aroma control panel to begin steaming or cooking.
  3. Step 4: Arrange the steamed vegetables on a serving platter.

Can you cook rice and steam vegetables at the same time in a rice cooker?

Cooking in rice cookers is accomplished by the use of steam; when water is heated just beyond the boiling point, steam is produced, which can be used to flawlessly cook any form of food. This allows you to not only make rice and risotto to perfection, but also steam vegetables, chicken, fish, and meat at the same time, saving time and money.

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How long do you boil broccoli?

Trim the stalk and cut it in half lengthwise, then thinly slice it. Once the water is boiling, carefully lower the broccoli into the boiling water using a slotted spoon. Cook for 3 to 4 minutes, or until the florets are soft – you should be able to easily poke the tip of a knife into the florets at this point.

How do u Steam broccoli?

Set the broccoli florets in a steamer basket and place it in a pot filled with 1 inch of water.Cook for 15 minutes.Bring the water to a boil, then decrease the heat to a simmer, and cover the pan to keep the heat in the water.Allow for 5 minutes of steaming time, or until the broccoli is crisp-tender and bright green in color.Season with salt and pepper to taste, as well as olive oil and lemon juice.

How long does it take to steam vegetables in a rice cooker?

Using Your Rice Cooker for Steaming Cooking white rice in a rice cooker takes around 35 minutes, while steam-cooking vegetables takes significantly less time—roughly five to fifteen minutes, depending on the type of vegetables. To ensure that both of your meal’s sides are correctly timed, add your veggies halfway through the rice cooking process.

How do you steam broccoli in water?

Bring a pan or wok filled with approximately an inch of water to a boil over medium-high heat, then remove from heat. Toss the broccoli florets with a pinch of salt and place them in a steamer basket. Preheat the steamer basket over a pot of boiling water until the broccoli is crisp-tender, 8 to 10 minutes depending on how large the florets are.

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What is the steam tray for in rice cooker?

While not every rice cooker is capable of steaming, the vast majority of them now come equipped with a steamer tray, which allows you to steam vegetables, meat, and fish while using your rice cooker. The inclusion of a tiny steamer basket that fits the inner pot is not limited to high-end versions; even low-cost rice cookers under $20 contain one.

Are rice cookers steamers?

The functions of a steamer and a rice cooker are not same. Light, healthful meals may be made easier to prepare with the help of the correct kitchen gadgets. Cooking appliances such as rice cookers and steamers are becoming increasingly popular in American kitchens as Asian cuisine and healthy cooking become more popular.

How do you steam vegetables with a steamer?

A step-by-step guide on how to steam veggies!

  1. Cut the vegetables into uniform-sized pieces in Step 1.
  2. Step 2: Fill the saucepan halfway with water and place the steamer basket on top.
  3. Step 3: Cover the pan with a lid and steam until the vegetables are crisp tender (see timing below).
  4. Step 4: Drain and season your vegetables.

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