How Much Potato Salad For 25 Guests?

How Much Potato Salad For 25 Guests
Potato Salad For A Crowd Amounts Per Person How much potato salad for 20– You would need approximately 4.4 lbs of potato salad for 20 people. How much potato salad for 25– You would need approximately 5.5 lbs of potato salad for 25 people.

How many quarts of baked beans do I need for 20 people?

Step 1 – Count the number of guests expected to determine the amount of baked beans needed. Serving sizes may vary, but assuming each guest will eat 1/2 cup of beans, a cook needs to prepare 10 cups (2 1/2 qt.) for 20 people, 25 cups (1 1/2 gal.) for 50 people and up to 50 cups (3 gal.) for a crowd of 100.

How much salad do I need for 35 people?

SALAD SIZE: A handy rule of thumb for large dinner parties: make about 3 ounces of salad per guest.

How many servings is 10 pounds of mashed potatoes?

A normal sized 6- or 7-quart slow cooker can hold 10 pounds of potatoes, enough to serve up to 20 people, and will reheat them in about three hours on the low setting. It’s best to start an hour ahead of time, just to be safe, and to stir the potatoes two or three times so they’re evenly heated.