How Much Is Jerry Rice Card Worth? (Best solution)

At auction, a Jerry Rice rookie card from the San Francisco 49ers sold for a record-breaking $31K.

What NFL card is worth money?

Bronko Nagurski is one of the most dangerous runners in the history of the National Football League. His rookie card from the 1935 National Chile set – which was also his lone set to date – is believed to be worth over $750K USD, making it not only difficult but nearly impossible for collectors to complete their collections without at least Bronkoes’ signature in their possession!

What is the most expensive NFL card?

Topps from 1965 Joe Namath’s rookie card number is #122. “Broadway” Joe Namath is one of the most well-known NFL players, having led the New York Jets to their sole Super Bowl triumph in team history in Super Bowl III in 2001. Topps rookie card of Namath from 1965 is by far the most sought-after card in the whole series.

How much are Joe Montana cards worth?

Joe Montana’s official rookie card is his 1981 Topps #216 card, which was released in the same year. A PSA or SGC 10 copy of the card in pristine gem-mint condition (PSA or SGC 10) is worth between $40,000 and $50,000 on average. Lower graded copies of Montana’s rookie card may be acquired for significantly less money; in fact, a Near-Mint (PSA or SGC 7) copy of Montana’s rookie card is generally available for between $200 and $300.

What 90s football cards are worth money?

Manning and Favre are among the most valuable football players to have appeared on a football card in the 1990s.

  • 1997 Brett Favre Fleer Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems Green Card.
  • 1998 Peyton Manning SP Authentic Card.
  • 1998 Peyton Manning Bowman’s Best Refractor Card.
  • 1999 Walter Peyton Upper Deck Century Legends Gold Card.
  • 1998 Peyton Manning Bowman’s Best Refractor Card.
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How much is a Justin Herbert rookie card worth?

In recent eBay auction sales, Justin Herbert rookie cards have ranged in value from $2 to $5000, depending on the condition.

What is a LeBron James rookie card worth?

Collectors are still on the lookout for LeBron James cards that are uncommon and costly. When a 2003-04 Upper Deck Exquisite Rookie Patch Autograph sold for more over $2 million dollars at Goldin Auctions, the auction house set a new world record. The card was given a BGS 9 rating.

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