How Many Calories In Homemade Potato Soup?

How Many Calories In Homemade Potato Soup
Ingredient Specific Calorie Information From Our Recipes: –

Calories In Homemade Potato Soup Calories: 235, Fat: 10g, Carbs: 32g, Protein: 6g, Fiber: 4g Calories In Mom’s Homemade Potato Soup Calories: 166, Fat: 4g, Carbs: 29g, Protein: 4g, Fiber: 3g Calories In Homemade Potato Soup Calories: 326, Fat: 10g, Carbs: 71g, Protein: 28g, Fiber: 6g Calories In homemade potato soup Calories: 318, Fat: 11g, Carbs: 50g, Protein: 7g, Fiber: 6g Calories In Homemade Potato Soup Calories: 311, Fat: 18g, Carbs: 33g, Protein: 8g, Fiber: 4g

How many calories are in a cup of homemade potato soup?

Cream of potato soup, homemade (1 cup) contains 23.4g total carbs, 21.5g net carbs, 4.4g fat, 4.8g protein, and 150 calories.

How many calories are in a bowl of potato soup?

Nutrition Information

Nutrients Amount
Total Calories 255
Total Fat 4 g
Saturated Fat 1 g
Cholesterol 2 mg

How many calories are in a cup of potato leek soup?

Basic Leek and Potato Soup Calories – A basic leek and potato soup will have potatoes, leeks, olive oil and reduced-fat milk. A one-cup serving contains 101 calories as well as 2 grams of fat, 20 grams of fat and 2 grams of protein, per the USDA,

How many carbs are in 1 cup of homemade potato soup?

Baked Potato Soup (1 cup) contains 23g total carbs, 20g net carbs, 11g fat, 6g protein, and 210 calories.

Is potato soup good for a diet?

Soup is the ultimate comfort food. But if you’re watching your weight, it can also be an unexpected drain on your calorie and fat bank. This doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite cold-weather soup. Just avoid these five soups listed below, and swap them out for the healthier alternatives we’ve provided: 1.

Clam chowder. Anything with the word “chowder” in it is probably going to be high in cream, fat, and calories. Campbell’s Chunky New England Clam Chowder tops the list with 230 calories per serving, 13 grams of fat, and 890 milligrams of sodium. Plus each can contains two servings, so if you eat them at the same time, you’re up to 1,780 grams of sodium.2.

Potato soup. Potato soup can be healthy, but it’s often made with a cream base instead of a broth base, which means that it, like the chowder, can be loaded with calories and saturated fat.3. Lobster bisque. With an average of 13.1 grams of fat (that’s 20 percent of the daily recommended serving), most of it saturated, and 896 grams of sodium, this is a definite diet don’t! 4.

Chili. Chili’s actually not that bad: It often contains a lot of fiber, protein, and vegetables. However, most of the time it’s also accompanied by a huge chunk of cornbread on the side. If you’re going to have chili, skip the bread, and have a salad instead.5. Broccoli and cheese soup. Soup using broccoli as a base? Healthy! Dousing that broccoli in cheese? Not so healthy.

Most restaurant versions tend to feature a few tiny broccoli florets drowning in a bowl of cheese, so if you see this one on the menu, skip it.

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Is eating soup good for weight loss?

What Is the Soup Diet? – The soup diet isn’t just one diet but rather a collection of soup-based eating plans that promise significant weight loss in a short amount of time (usually 5 to 10 days). On some of these diets, you consume nothing but soup, while on others, soup is the foundation of the eating plan, with some foods added.

Can I lose weight eating soup everyday?

– Observational studies have found individuals who regularly consume soup tend to have a lower body mass index (BMI) and are less likely to have obesity, compared with those who don’t eat soup at all ( 3, 4, 5 ). The reason why soup is linked to lower body weight is unknown.

Some studies suggest that soup may help increase feelings of fullness. Thus, regularly eating soup may help reduce the number of calories you eat per day ( 5, 6 ). It’s also important to consider other factors that could explain this relationship, such as cultural or genetic differences between individuals who regularly eat soup and those who don’t ( 7 ).

Overall, more rigorous and long-term studies are needed to confirm the potential weight loss benefits of eating soup. One other thing to note is that soup consumption hasn’t been shown to reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome, a group of conditions that increase your risk for developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes ( 3, 8 ).

  1. As for specific soup diets, there’s currently no scientific evidence on their effectiveness for weight loss.
  2. Yet, as most soup diets result in a significant reduction in calories, following them will likely help you lose weight ( 9, 10 ).
  3. And the fewer calories you eat on a soup diet, generally the more weight you’ll lose.
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Just keep in mind that as with other low calorie diets, most of the weight lost over the 5–10 days is likely due to water rather than fat loss ( 11 ). Furthermore, as the diets are generally for only a week or less, you’ll likely regain the weight you lost unless you’re able to transition into a more sustainable weight loss eating plan ( 12 ).

How many carbs are in a bowl of leek and potato soup?

Potato Leek Soup (1 serving) contains 20g total carbs, 18g net carbs, 4.5g fat, 3g protein, and 120 calories.

Why is leek and potato soup good for you?

What are the health benefits of Leek and potato soup? – A great soup for your eyes, immune system, mood and heart. What’s so great about this soup is that it’s equally nice hot or cold. If you are going to have it cold add some cream, a chicken stock cube and a pinch of nutmeg to turn it into a vichyssoise. 40g salted butter 275 grams of organic leek tops – rinsed 380g/1 large potato Salt and pepper to taste 800ml water Simply follow our simply laid out recipe: 1) Chop the leek tops and potatoes into chunks and simmer in the water for 20 minutes.2) Add the butter towards the end of cooking.3) Liquidise the soup and season to taste.4) Serve straight away or refrigerate and have cold.