Explain How Flooding Rice Fields Reduces The Need For Herbicides And Pesticides In Rice Farming? (Solution)

What are the benefits of flooding rice fields in terms of reducing the demand for herbicides and pesticides in rice production? Rice grows in a submerged condition, but the majority of weeds do not. As a result, flooding rice fields lowers the proliferation of these less resilient pests without having a detrimental impact on the rice crop itself.

How does flooding rice fields reduce the need for herbicides and pesticides in rice farming a while rice has a submerged growth state most weeds and pests do not?

While rice may grow in a submerged state, the majority of weeds and pests can not. Flooding the fields causes the soil to disintegrate, making it impossible for weeds to take root.

What is the difference between selective breeding and genetic engineering in the development of food crops with desirable traits?

Selective breeding takes use of gene variations that are already present in a species and the natural process of breeding to improve the species. Genetic engineering is the process of making direct changes to an organism’s DNA in a laboratory environment. Gene variations created by genetic engineering have the potential to be handed down from generation to generation.

Which of the following best explains why soil conservation is important to human agriculture?

According to which of the following statements is most accurate, soil protection is critical to human agriculture? Prevention of soil deterioration is easier than the creation of fresh soil, which is why it should be prioritized.

What is the main purpose of strip cropping?

Strip cropping helps to prevent soil erosion by forming natural dams for water, which helps to maintain the soil’s strength and strength over time. Certain layers of plants will be more successful at absorbing nutrients and water from the soil than other layers of plants.

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How can pesticide use be harmful to human agriculture?

Pesticides also harm soil bacteria that are beneficial to the soil. Because of the use of pesticides, the soil becomes poisonous to plant development. Pesticides can cause harm to animals and humans when they enter the food chain.

Why is Dutch Agriculture critically dependent upon technology?

What is it about Dutch agriculture that makes it so reliant on technology? In terms of cut flowers and indoor plants, it accounts for over half of the world’s production. It is nearly entirely reliant on crops that have been genetically modified. The cultivation of fruits and vegetables in the Netherlands contributes to the worldwide food supply.

What are the advantage of genetic engineering over selective breeding?

Aspects of genetic engineering that are advantageous: Genetic alteration is a faster and more effective method of achieving the same objectives as selective breeding. Crop yields and crop quality are improved as a result, which is particularly essential in poor nations. This may contribute to the reduction of hunger around the world.

How does selective breeding differ from GMOS?

Individuals from the same species must be used in selective breeding to ensure success. In genetically modified organisms, scientists establish novel gene combinations. Genes mix on their own in the process of selective breeding. The first genetically modified organism (GMO) was created in 1973.

How selective breeding can be helpful to agriculture?

Farmers were able to enhance the quantity and production of their livestock by selecting breeding animals (breeding animals with desirable characteristics).

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How can the use of biotechnology lead to an increase in soil conservation practices?

How may the application of biotechnology result in an increase in the usage of soil conservation techniques? The adoption of biotechnology can result in a reduction in the usage of pesticides and herbicides, hence maintaining soil quality. As a consequence of technological developments, communication and transportation have become more efficient.

How do minerals affect soil productivity quizlet?

Minerals boost soil productivity by increasing the rate at which water is absorbed by the soil surface. Minerals in the soil have the potential to be utilized for plant development and output in the future. Minerals in the soil slow the pace of plant development and, as a result, reduce the soil’s overall productivity.

Why might soils rich in organic matter not be fertile quizlet?

What are the chances that soils rich in organic matter would not be fertile? a. The fertility of the soil is determined by the balance of organic matter and other mineral nutrients in it. When there is an abundance of organic stuff in the soil, the earth retains insufficient water.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of strip cropping?

The advantages and drawbacks of strip cropping are comparable to those of contouring in terms of their relative importance. Strip cropping also has the additional benefit of removing dirt from runoff that passes through the strip with the tightly cropped crop. However, one crop may have a greater tendency to contain (host) plant diseases and pests that are harmful to the other crop, which can be disastrous to both crops.

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How strip farming prevent soil erosion?

Strip cropping helps to prevent soil erosion by forming natural dams for water, which helps to maintain the soil’s strength and strength over time. Certain layers of plants will be more successful at absorbing nutrients and water from the soil than other layers of plants.

What are the advantages of strip farming?

Strip cropping has the potential to increase crop yields by stimulating infiltration and, as a result, boosting soil moisture levels. The practice of strip cropping is one of the most cost-effective strategies accessible to farmers for reducing sheet and rill erosion. Strip cropping is one of the most cost-effective methods accessible to farmers for reducing erosion on their land.

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