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The Best Holiday Gifts for Your Foodie Friends

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Foodies can be both the best and worst people to get gifts for. There are a ton of food-related gift options, but if they’re super particular, you have to make sure you’ll get something they’ll like and use. This list should have something for every foodie in your life.

Universal Yums Subscription ($14 or $25/Month Depending on Size)

Universal Yums is a fun subscription box that picks a country each month and compiles a bunch of signature snacks to send out. They come in two different sizes, and both contain a booklet that tells you little stories and facts about the snacks in the box. Past boxes have contained snacks from Israel, Thailand, Italy, Ukraine, Indonesia and Brazil.

This is definitely for a friend who doesn’t mind snack food, as these boxes mostly contain things like chips, crackers, cookies and candy. However, it’s a great way to learn more about other cultures and experience some foods you might never have tried unless you traveled to the country. Get this for someone adventurous!

Weston Brands Pasta Machine and Drying Rack ($52)

Nothing compares to some quality homemade pasta. For the ambitious friend in your life who’s already a master at pasta dishes, help them take it to the next level with the tools they need to make their own noodles. You can reap the rewards of this purchase too — just ask them if you can be the taste tester for the first batch of pasta.

The Big Dill Gift Box ($101.50 Each)

Made by the company Mouth, is a specifically curated gift box of small-batch pickled items. We all have a friend who’s absolutely obsessed with pickles, and when they want something a little more exotic than the typical gherkin, this box is ideal. Mouth offers different flavors of the usual pickled item, cucumbers, while also giving pickle lovers some new veggies to try.

French Kitchen Marble Rolling Pin With Stand ($24.95)

Exclusively from Crate and Barrel, this rolling pin is what the baker in your life has been looking for. It’s gorgeous enough that they’re going to want to display it on their countertop, and it’s also extremely efficient. It’s weighted enough to roll cold dough, while also staying cool itself so dough won’t become unmanageable. Due to the marble used, each one is unique, too, so they’ll never have one that’s exactly the same as someone else’s.

W&P Design’s Homemade Gin Kit ($50 for the Standard Kit)

Homemade beer brewing has been blowing up lately, but what about making your own gin? This lets your friends transform vodka into their own little batch of gin that you can’t get anywhere else. The mixologist in your life can whip up their own gin in 36 hours, so make sure you give it to them early enough so they can show it off on New Year’s Eve!

Giordano’s Chicago Deep Dish Pizza ($69 for Two Pizzas)

Honestly, this could work for anyone in your life, not just the foodies. Who doesn’t love pizza? Giordano’s has their signature deep dish available to be shipped across the country, so you don’t have to go to Chicago to enjoy authentic Chicago pizza. You can’t find pizza like this just anywhere, so help out that friend who’s been trying every pizza place around to find one that compares to what they had on that trip to Chicago two years ago.

Wonderbag ($55)

For your friend who loves hiking and backpacking, a Wonderbag can truly do wonders to help them when it comes to camp cuisine. This bad boy acts as a slow cooker, so you can get your food nice and hot in a pot over a camp stove, then tuck it into the Wonderbag for the day. It’ll slow cook the meal to perfection by the time dinnertime rolls around, and they’ll have a great meal that’s definitely better than those dehydrated portable dishes.

Misen Chef’s Knife ($65)

The most important tool in any chef’s kitchen is a quality knife. This Misen knife is one of the best and can do just about any cut they’ll need, effortlessly. It’s also sleek to look at, coming in three basic colors to match any kitchen, while still looking classy and professional.

“Cook Beautiful by Athena Calderone” ($19.91)

If you’ve got a pal that loves Instagramming their food as much as eating it, or one that just loves some fancy presentation, this cookbook is perfect. Not only is it filled with mouthwatering recipes, but it also offers a “swoon tip” for each recipe that’s aimed toward making a dish more visually pleasing. After all, we do have to like the look of our food before we willingly put it in our bodies.

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Cooker ($119.95 for a 6-Quart)

This thing can do almost everything in just one machine. It claims to take on seven of the tasks you do in the kitchen. It’s a pressure cooker, slow cooker and rice cooker. It can steam, sauté and serve as a warmer — and it also serves as a yogurt maker. Get this for any foodie that wants to save some space and time in the kitchen, or for everyone on your list, because this thing is awesome.

MiniPresso Espresso Maker ($49.97)

Your coffee snob friend will love this little gadget. It’s lightweight but powerful, letting you pour your own espressos every morning. Your friend can use whatever coffee beans they desire, meaning they can choose one of the many varieties they keep around. If you want to pair something with it, find them some exotic coffee you think they may not have tried yet.

Make the foodie on your list very happy this holiday season. They’ll certainly appreciate a unique gift that fits their particular foodie brand!