9 Reasons to Drink More Water

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Could drinking more water literally change the trajectory of your life? Could it make you happier, calmer and healthier? Scientists know that water holds incredible power, yet the average person is reticent to drink even the recommended eight glasses of the “good stuff” each day.

If you have been holding off on doing one of the easiest things possible to improve your quality of living, it’s time to make a change. Grab a glass of water and sip as you read about the nine great reasons you should make H2O a part of every meal, every snack and, well, every day!

1. Water Improves Digestion

As people who are trying to eat “cleaner” know, the human digestive system performs best when it is assisted by natural products. What could be more natural than a glass of pure water? Like a lubricant, water makes it easier for the body to clean all the nutrients possible from each piece of ingested material. This, in turn, means less is wasted.

2. Water Improves Elimination

We all eliminate what isn’t used by the body in terms of the fuel we put into our mouths. Though it might not be the most glamorous aspect of our day, going to the bathroom is critical, and we want to ensure that all waste products make their way through the intestines and bladder. If they get “stuck” along the way, they can cause a build-up of toxins that might lead to serious health issues. Water ensures that there is less likelihood of “clogging” in our proverbial “pipes.”

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3. Water Reduces Hunger

Many individuals overeat because their bodies are sending the incorrect signals to their brains. Thirst and hunger may send similar, if not the same, signals; thus, men and women snack when they should be drinking instead. If you drink a glass of water every time you feel hungry, and then wait for about 15 minutes, you’ll be able to tell if you honestly need food, or if you were merely in need of hydration.

4. Water Improves the Quality of the Skin

While the makers of moisture lotions might want you to think that topical remedies are all you need to have softer, smoother skin, they are incorrect. Healthy skin starts from the inside, not from the outside. While some organic products can indeed help improve the look and feel of skin, they cannot change skin at the internal level. Water, however, can. Drinking enough water each day makes the skin appear younger and plumper because there is enough moisture below the skin’s surface.

5. Water Increases Energy Levels

Drinkers of caffeinated beverages might swear they need them to get through their day, but those who drink enough water on a daily basis will find they can wean themselves off caffeine altogether. In fact, water is nature’s energy drink, which is why it’s important to incorporate it throughout any workout. This holds true even if your fitness regimen includes running in a pool outfitted with an underwater treadmill; just because you’re working within a watery environment doesn’t mean you aren’t sweating and in need of hydration!

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6. Water Promotes Perspiration

You might not think about sweating, but it’s incredibly important. After all, perspiration is the body’s way of regulating temperature. Without sweat, we would heat up quickly and be unable to cool ourselves down. Drinking water ensures that our bodies can perspire throughout the day as needed. That simple bodily function can make us feel much more comfortable and allow us to remain at tip-top levels. Don’t worry about odor, though; there are many natural deodorants that can keep the body’s natural sweat aromas from getting out of hand.

7. Water Helps Improve Brain Functions

The brain is made up of about 70% water. Without that water, you can’t hope to compete intellectually, at least not at your fullest capacities. By refilling your water levels on a regular basis, you are keeping your brain ready to perform whenever you need it. Make no mistake: This isn’t something you can afford to do “later!”

8. Water Helps Reduce Pain Levels

Whether you’re ruing the day about general aches and pains, or you’re suffering from monthly menstrual cramps, water has been shown to help reduce pain levels. This is true for both women and men, and it’s another benefit of drinking H2O often.

9. Water May Help Prevent Cancer

Believe it or not, research has indicated that drinking water may help prevent certain types of cancer. Even if cancer doesn’t run in your family, this is one important advantage from a health perspective!

Though you may not have grown up in a household that encouraged regular water drinking, you can absolutely change your patterns and enjoy a healthier you. The time to start to drink more water is now. There’s no time like the present, as they say, so start your journey right now. You’ll soon find that rather than soda or juice, you crave nothing more than a nice, tall glass of water.

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