5 Healthy Wedding Gift Ideas

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Looking for the perfect gift for the bride and groom? Healthy, fitness-related options are a great way to offer a proactive start to their married lives.

Here are five healthy wedding gift ideas in both food and fitness.

1. Food Dehydrator

For someone who loves to snack but wants to stay healthy, a food dehydrator is a good gift. Instead of eating processed foods, you make your own snack packs from all-natural ingredients like fruit, vegetables or jerky.

Choose your food dehydrator wisely, bearing in mind what your recipient might want. Some do the job in as little as a few hours but others take a few days. Dehydrators also come in different sizes and models. Those with several stacks of trays often dry food unevenly with items closest to the fan finishing faster than the rest.

2. Plastic-free storage containers

Help your recipients stay organized with plastic-free food storage containers, a good way to stay green, portion food and keep it fresh.

Online retailers sell eco-friendly alternatives to plastic containers like stainless steel, silicone, or glass. Make a green gift basket by adding utensils, cookware and other tools also made from non-plastic or recycled materials. It’s an efficient start to a healthy lifestyle and a healthier environment.

3. Bikes or Cycling Equipment

Inspire the couple to be active with a pair of mountain bikes. If they already own bikes, upgrade their wardrobe with new cycling gear.

Consider their lifestyle and whether they’re more suited for road bikes or mountain before purchasing. Consult an expert, and ask your couple to be part of the search for the perfect bike. If you decide on cycling gear, options include helmets, clothing or pads, depending on the type of cycling they prefer.

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4. Custom-Engraved Running Necklace

Encourage the bride to stick with her ambitions by giving her customized jewelry. Marathon necklaces are simple daily reminders of that end goal.

Choose a necklace that matches the purpose she’s striving to achieve. In case you’re wondering about the numbers, 13.1 is the number of miles in a half-marathon while 26.2 is the entire marathon. Other creative necklaces incorporate sneaker pendants or motivational quotes like “sole sister” or “she believed.” Depending on the bride’s personal tastes, you can opt for a bracelet, ring or anklet instead.

5. Adventure Trip

Experiences make the best gifts. Send the newlywed couple to an outdoor retreat where they can hike, kayak, ski or do any other activity.

For winter sports, ask local resorts about skiing lessons or tickets, and see if they have accommodations nearby. If the couple lives within driving distance, ask about extended day tickets or seasonal passes.

Backpacking trips are great options for spring or summer, especially in western states like Arizona or Colorado. For truly adventurous couples, locate excursions outside the country such as Costa Rica or Europe. Not only are you giving them a healthy vacation, but you’re also helping them see new and interesting places.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Healthy

These are just some of the many gifts a married couple might enjoy. Big or small, any present that promotes a healthy lifestyle is a thoughtful gesture for a couple about to begin their lifelong journey together.

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