5 Best Teas for Losing Weight

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There aren’t many weight loss methods that sound more enjoyable than sipping a cup of hot or iced tea. Tea’s properties have been widely known for years. It can aid in the prevention of high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, tooth decay, cancer and it can even help reduce stress.

But did you know that certain types of tea can help you lose weight, too? These five teas all work with different functions in your body to help you lose weight and keep you from gaining weight in the first place.

Star Anise Tea

Known for promoting digestion, Star Anise is the product of a small evergreen plant native to China. Steeping one pod of Star Anise in one cup of tea for about ten minutes produces a tea that can help settle your stomach and aid in the digestive process so that your body can extract all the nutrients from your food to help keep you healthy.

Peppermint Tea

Though you might only think of peppermint tea as a home cold remedy, it actually helps speed up your digestion so that you burn more calories. It tastes great, especially with a few drops of honey per cup. And it works best when alternated with green tea.

Green Tea

Studies have shown that green tea contains a chemical called EGCG which boosts your metabolism! Adding green tea to your diet can increase antioxidants in your diet and help promote healthy digestion while giving your metabolism a kick-start to burn more fat.

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Rose Tea

A therapeutic tea, rose tea contains fresh roses and tea buds that provide toxin removal services to your whole body. Adding rose tea to your diet can help your skin clear up if you have a break out and it can also flush toxins from your body to help you avoid infections and constipation, thereby helping you lose weight.

Oolong Tea

Maybe the most powerful of all, even more so than green tea, oolong tea has been said to reduce cholesterol and even reduce the concentration of fat in the body. Sipping two cups of this tea per day, either hot or iced, could help you drop the pounds while enjoying a light, delicately flavored tea.

Try one of these teas for losing weight, or a combination of them, to help you control your weight without giving up your love of trying out new flavors and textures. From full-bodied and rich to light and delicate, trying a new tea is an experience like trying a new dessert or a new pasta recipe. Finding one you like could be the start of a wonderful relationship!

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