10 Easy Recipes to Convert a Veggie Hater

Do the little ones whine about having to eat their vegetables? Maybe plans to switch to a plant-based diet continually get derailed by boredom after one too many kale smoothies? There’s no need to throw your hands up and surrender!

These 10 recipes will please even the most stubborn veggie haters in your life. Plus, you can whip up most of them in well under 30 minutes and require little experience.

Next time you want a plant-based dish in a hurry, reach for one of these ideas.

1. Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowls

Eating food in a rainbow of colors benefits your health by providing you with a full range of phytonutrients. Researchers learn more about how these substances fight disease daily, but in the meantime, get your fill with this easy dish.

The spaghetti squash makes the perfect bowl base for this recipe, and the other ingredients add color and nutrition. The avocado salsa verde provides healthy omega-3 fatty acids, critical for brain health.

2. Easy Homemade Coleslaw

There’s no need to hit the KFC drive-thru on the way home with this delicious dish. If you like it crispy, you can make it in minutes with the use of a veggie slicer. Those who enjoy their coleslaw creamier and less crunchy can store this in the fridge for up to three days.

3. Squash Noodle Pad Thai

Feeling like a taste of Thai but don’t have much prep time? This take on the classic pad Thai whips up in only 15 minutes. The turmeric in this dish provides valuable antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a favorite of those with chronic inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

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4. Skillet Ratatouille

Do you have a host of veggies left over from your last run to the farmers market? The French knew just what to do with these leftovers — whipping up a delicious bowl of ratatouille, summer vegetable soup. This dish freezes well, so make it ahead of time and freeze individual portions for an easy grab-and-go workday lunch. Or you could serve over rice for a heartier main dish.

5. Grilled Romaine Salad

There’s no need to reach for a Caesar salad every time you crave the hearty green crunch of romaine lettuce. The sweet corn in this mixed with the tomatoes adds a southwest flair, but the buttermilk ranch dressing is reminiscent of nana’s home cooking. And if you suffer digestive upset from consuming raw veggies, roasting breaks down some of the fiber and helps to reduce bloating.

6. Barley Salad With Strawberries and Buttermilk Dressing

Make your buttermilk do double duty topping this sweet and savory blend of spinach and strawberries. There’s a reason the cartoon character Popeye reached for a can of spinach when he needed his biceps to bulge — the green packs a powerful protein punch! You can rebuild from that tough weight workout at the gym without reaching for a burger. Your heart and your waistline will thank you.

7. Nasi Goreng

Thinking of calling for Chinese delivery? Traditional fried rice contains a ton of calories and relatively little in terms of nutrition, so up your nourishment game with this variation. The fresh cucumbers add crunch, and the sky is the limit when it comes to which other veggies to add to the mix. The almonds provide both protein and healthy fats to keep you fuller longer, so forget that midnight snack after dining on this recipe.

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8. Roasted Cauliflower and Black Bean Tacos

Cauliflower roasts up super easy, so the oven does much of the prep work for you to this dish. Beans contain a host of filling fiber, but if you’re prone to gas, gradually build up your consumption level. The hot sauce can cool you down on a warm day, making these delightful summertime treats perfect for your next outdoor gathering.

9. 5 Minute Pesto Breakfast Sandwich

Who says breakfast is the sole province of bacon and sausage? While this recipe does call for the traditional egg and English muffin, it incorporates veggies into your morning meal. The best part? At only five minutes prep time, it cooks up faster than an omelet!

10. Hearty Vegetarian Chili

If you’re dreaming of October in August, this hearty chili will make you crank the AC and don your favorite hoodie. It’s chock-full of veggie goodness containing everything from tomato to avocado to onions. And the beans fill you up fast! Make this even more veggie-rich by serving it over zucchini noodles or substitute rice or penne if you prefer additional bulk.

Veggies Made Easy

You don’t have to resign yourself to green drinks and crudités if you want more vegetables in your diet. Give these recipes a try, and you’ll sing the praises of plant-based eating in no time!

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