5 Apps for Getting Your Yoga Fix on the Go

5 Apps for Getting Your Yoga Fix on the Go

Anyone with a full-time job knows how difficult it can be to work staying fit into your hectic daily schedule, between the office and chores at home making time for the gym seems impossible. Luckily with technology these days there’s an app for almost anything,…


The Best Way to Recover Post-Marathon

Marathons have become increasingly popular these days. They’re also being created with a variety of themes, like a zombie run or a blacklight run. Of course, true marathon runners will agree there’s nothing quite like a traditional event; one that you must train for in…


10 Workouts That Don’t Feel Like Workouts

You probably have an Instagram feed full of #fitfam posts and friends that have jumped on the fitness wagon. You may have abandoned all free time for gym time and a DVR that’s full of motivating fitness programs that emphasize losing weight and keeping it…

8 Ways to Make the Treadmill Less Boring

8 Ways to Make the Treadmill Less Boring

Even if you’re a running person, treadmills are a drag. There’s no view, no breeze, no soft ground – it’s just you and the machine. Luckily, there are some creative hacks that can add some life to that dull, rotating band. Consider these tricks the…

5 Butt-Blasting Workouts Guaranteed to Get Your Booty Beautiful

5 Butt-Blasting Workouts to Get Your Booty Beautiful

Not since Sir Mix-a-Lot released the infamous tune “Baby Got Back” in the early 1990s has the booty been the focus of so much talk. Today, every gal wants her backside to be strong and contoured. Even some fashion designers are getting on the toned…


What to Do When All the Ellipticals Are Taken

Ah, January. The month where everyone decides to hit the gym, and all your friends start posting selfies on Facebook of how good they look when they’re sweaty. Let’s face it, when we’re all pumped up and ready to go, nothing sucks more than standing…


No Time to Work Out? 10 Micro Workouts to Help you Get Fit

Imagine this: you’ve just come home after a long eight-hour day of work, and you have too many things to do, including working out. How many times have you used the excuses “I don’t have time” or “I have too much to do?”


12 Ways to Work Off That Thanksgiving Feast

Did you feel more stuffed than the Tom the Turkey on Thanksgiving Day? If so, you aren’t alone. The Calorie Control Council researched the average American diet, and found that we eat more than 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat during the typical Thanksgiving…


How to Stay in Shape Without a Gym Membership

While we love to stimulate our palates and savor the world’s many culinary delights, we also understand the importance of health. If going to the gym isn’t your thing, consider the following eight ways to stay in shape this season, all of which can be…